Title IX Consulting Services

Address campus challenges or continuously improve your Title IX policies and procedures by working with our subject-matter experts.

At Grand River Solutions, we understand that each school is unique, from its student body to its culture and values. Our experienced team members will assist you in developing a customized approach to fit your Title IX needs.

We provide a variety of in-depth consulting services that range from Title IX assessments to investigations and Title IX trainings. We are able to provide any combination of services to support your institution’s specific, and sometimes evolving, goals. You may choose to have us work with you on-campus or set up a remote, off-campus process that helps augment your existing staff and resources.

Grand River’s Title IX team offers you a flexible and collaborative approach. Our qualifications are distinctive because we have experience-based knowledge of the challenges and complexities of working within the college and university sector. Our team members have served in higher education leadership roles that include holding responsibility for Title IX/VAWA/Clery and sexual assault/sexual violence compliance throughout a multi-campus university system. We can truly act as trusted advisers to our clients.

Compliance & Policy

Comprehensive Support

Training Services

Title IX Assessments

We are acutely aware of the importance of sound policies and procedures. Our principled approach to conducting Title IX assessments is focused on helping you create lasting improvements to the policies and procedures that work for you.

Policy Drafting

Our team works with you to draft policies that address harassment, discrimination, and interpersonal violence in all its forms. In doing so, we are committed to:

  • Making sure policies fully align with current federal and state laws
  • Providing unbiased guidance and applying best and emerging practices
  • Working within your school’s mission, culture, resources, and values

Policy Compliance or Audit Review

Grand River’s rigorous review process includes a meticulous on-site assessment and review of relevant materials. We deliver a comprehensive, user-friendly report that outlines the areas of concern, strengths, opportunities for improvement, and practical recommendations that will serve as a blueprint for next steps.

Title IX Staffing Resources

Grand River Solutions recognizes the need for varying types and degrees of assistance with on-campus misconduct, harassment, and discrimination, particularly as the Title IX landscape continues to evolve.

Title IX Coordination and Staffing Support

  • Interim, On-Site Title IX Coordinator: we provide you with an experienced, temporary coordinator during a vacancy or leave of absence in the position
  • Off-Site Title IX Coordinator: we provide expert management and coordination of all or part of harassment and discrimination response work
  • Title IX Coordinator Support: we offer in-depth, ongoing coaching, mentoring, and training support for all Title IX Coordinators

Adjudication, Hearing, and Appeals Coordination and Support

Our team members are available to act as panel members, chairs, or coordinators for hearings or appeals. We are also able to coach individuals appointed by your institution to perform these roles.

Investigations and Alternative Resolution Support

The Grand River team will investigate allegations of harassment and discrimination, including sexual harassment and interpersonal violence. We have investigatory experience both as Title IX investigators/coordinators on campus and as consultants to clients. Learn more about our team’s capabilities .

Expert Witness

We are available to provide expert witness services upon request.

Title IX Training Services

Education and training can be the best way to ensure that your policies and procedures are clearly communicated, fully understood, and properly executed. Grand River is highly skilled at providing training that is tailored for each type of audience. We work with you to develop and implement training plans for members of your campus community, or we can help you to assess and improve your existing programming.

Coaching and Mentoring

Grand River offers individualized coaching and mentoring for Title IX Coordinators, investigators, hearing coordinators, hearing and appeals officers, and others directly involved with the Title IX process including leadership officials.

Training and Education

Our team of recognized national leaders will develop and conduct customized workshops, boot camps, executive level briefings, and flexible training programs. We cover topics such as discrimination, harassment, the intersection of Title IX and the Clery Act, as well as best and promising practices that impact these topical areas.

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