Comprehensive Approaches

Grand River Solutions collaborates with colleges, universities, and K-12 schools and districts across the country to provide innovative customizable services.  

We recommend and implement clear policies, fair practices, transparency, and robust accountability to improve your overall campus community. We develop solutions that maximize use of existing resources to achieve positive results without costly, unnecessary, or ongoing expenditures.

Disability access and compliance are critical components in creating safe and inclusive communities. Our disability-focused trainings and consulting will help clients establish robust processes and confidently navigate complex disability issues in the workplace and at school. Our solutions are tailored to help clients move beyond compliance by embracing the social model of disability and universal design concepts.

Our team provides training, mentoring, and consultation for investigators, equal opportunity officers, HR staff and leadership on a breadth of topics. Topics include ADA principles, accommodation requests, and adjacent matters for example performance management, leave of absence and return to work. We can help navigate sensitive, complex, or challenging workplace ADA matters. We also provide:

Interim ADA Coordinator Support including:

  • Development of ADA accommodation work-flow processes, templates, communications protocols, record-keeping protocols, and more.
  • Daily hands-on and/or virtual management of ADA duties, including intake, outreach and administering steps in the workplace accommodation process, assessing reasonable/undue hardship, “qualified individual” and direct threat concerns, support on overlap regarding of performance management, leave, and workers’ compensation matters, reports of discrimination for failure to provide reasonable accommodations, and harassment on the basis of disability.
  • Review of current processes and procedures, and suggestions for improvement.
  • ADA process and policy review in workplace accommodation policy and process or process reassignment.
  • Neutral third-party review of decision to deny an accommodation request (e.g., person not eligible, undue hardship, etc.) or provide an “equally effective alternative.

ADA and Disability Trainings including:

  • Introduction to ADA in the Workplace;
  • Practical Recommendations for Managing the ADA Interactive Process
  • Showing Your Work: Documenting Good-Faith Effort, Approved Accommodations, and Undue Hardship
  • Determinations;
  • ADA Issue Spotting: “Undue Hardship”, “Qualified Individual” and “Direct Threat”;
  • Investigating “Failure to Accommodate” Claims;
  • Beyond ADA Compliance – Embracing the Social Model of Disability and Focusing on Universal Design.

Grand River Solutions offers comprehensive appeal support. We help ensure your process is carried out following best practices, and as specified in your policies to ensure consistency.

Grand River Solutions’ subject-matter experts help schools reduce the burden of conducting appeals. Our experienced professionals are available to serve as your appeals officer and/or provide support to your appeals process. We provide:

Appeals Support

  • Impartial, third-party expert appeals officers.
  • Just-in-time training for appeals officers.
  • In-depth ongoing coaching, mentoring, review of draft appeal decisions, and training support.
  • Real time guidance and logistical problem solving.
  • Policy integration: We help institutions integrate appeals into their procedures, and guide them through successful implementation.

Grand River Solutions utilizes Wdesk, the leading cloud-based software for collaborative workflow. We bring Clery Act compliance team members together, and ensure secure and efficient collaboration. Our technology solution standardizes content and increases consistency, transparency, and communication. Whatever your size and mission, whether you are public or private, Grand River Solutions will work with you to find the solution that meets your needs.

Grand River Solutions supports campus communities in their Clery Compliance work. Our solutions streamline the Clery process and our methodology encourages lasting change by engaging all campus-wide stakeholders. Each solution is customized according to needs, while following Clery Act guidelines and best practices. We provide:

ASR Production Services

The Grand River Solutions team compiles your Annual Security and Fire Safety Report (“ASR”), using cutting-edge technology to enhance your ASR production. We provide your team a virtual workspace to streamline your ASR development through collaboration and accountability. We provide ongoing product support, including initial set-up, training, and on demand troubleshooting.

ASR Process Review

Our experts supplement your internal Annual Security Report process by identifying strengths and opportunities for growth in a complete review of your ASR. We provide in-depth reviews of all the required components of an ASR (as required under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Police and Campus Crime Statistics Act), as well as applicable state laws and your existing processes.

Clery 360

Grand River Solutions provides all your Clery Act compliance services. We track annual CSA training, complete letters to law enforcement, reconcile data, and produce your Annual Security Report.

Grand River Solutions facilitates the development of collaborative partnerships designed to ease the financial burden of Title IX and equity compliance through cost sharing and collective resource optimization. Whether you are a member of an existing consortium or interested in creating your own collective, we can help.

Grand River Solutions collective model provides an optimal solution to meet demands without depleting resources. Services may include responding to allegations of harassment or discrimination, conducting intake interviews, investigations, hearings, and appeals, training, and policy review. By forming partnerships, institutions receive the benefit of our full team of experts in a cost-effective model.

Diversity, equity, and inclusion solutions for campuses, communities, and workplaces. We promote the use of data-driven strategies to improve diversity and inclusion goals.

Grand River Solutions provides a suite of diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) services to support anti-harassment and anti-discrimination goals, address changing climate and culture, and increase equity within programs and activities. Our services are intentionally tailored to meet the unique needs of each partner and are developed in a manner that is mindful of existing organizational or community goals, culture, mission, resources, and values.

Explore our solutions:

  • Practical training and interactive workshops on topics including Implicit Bias Awareness and Mitigation, Conducting Critical Conversations, and Inclusive Search Practices.
  • Small group or individualized coaching for DEI coordinators, officers, and committees; human resources personnel; and other professionals.
  • Development, implementation, and assessment of policies, procedures, and campus climate surveys.
  • Support with identification and advancement of organizational or community diversity, equity, and inclusion goals.
  • Building practices that reduce bias and lead to intentional accountability measures.

Grand River Solutions offers comprehensive hearing support. Whether you need us to run the entire hearing process, support your team, or train your staff—we can help.

Grand River Solutions subject-matter experts help reduce the challenges of conducting live hearings. We fill gaps in internal resources and provide schools with the ability to implement on-site or virtual hearings. We also help institutions assess how to integrate live hearings into their procedures, and guide them through successful implementation.

Experienced Hearing Officers & Decision-Makers

  • Our expert equity professionals are available to serve as decision-makers, hearing officers, chairs, or panel members.
  • We have extensive experience in all aspects of conducting a hearing, including relevancy and credibility determinations, trauma and clinically informed questioning, fair and due process, and participant, witness and advisor management.
  • We are prepared for the unexpected. Zoom-bombing? Misbehaving advisors? Unexpected new evidence? Concerns about unwanted attendees? Our professionals are comfortable handling the most difficult situations.

Training and Hearing Support

  • Just-in-time training for Title IX Coordinators, hearing panel members, and decision-makers.
  • Advisor training.
  • Real time guidance and logistical problem solving.

Hearings 360

  • Our trained hearing officers run your adjudication process. Feel confident with our experts leading your process.
  • Please contact us to discuss what options may be best for your campus.

Grand River Solution’s team of experts responds rapidly to provide comprehensive support in times of need. Confronted with a major allegation? Concerned about the community impact? Is the perception of your office threatened? We work with stakeholders to deliver support and advice in times of need. If your Title IX or equity office needs expert support and needs it now, we can help.

When a need for immediate assistance arises, the experts at Grand River Solutions rapidly respond to support you and your staff. Our team’s response is tailored to meet the immediate and ongoing needs of your campus and community.

The benefits of engaging Grand River Solutions:

  • Incident Expertise. Our team members have served in leadership roles that include responsibility for managing high-exposure incidents.
  • Practical Experience. Our team members have served in various roles that include responsibility for Title IX, VAWA, Clery Act, and sexual harassment and violence.
  • Collective Knowledge. Our on-campus experience includes small liberal and performing arts schools, faith-based institutions, mid-sized public and private universities, large research universities, community colleges, and K-12 schools and districts.
  • Impartiality. Engaging an external entity allows for impartial responses, investigations, reviews, or recommendations.
  • Affordable Solutions. We are committed to providing accessible support by experts with practical experience.

Grand River Solutions provides institutions across the country with the ability to delegate some or all of their Title IX and equity needs on an interim or ongoing basis. We work with schools that need long-term support, as well as those who are experiencing short-term gaps in staff due to leaves, prolonged searches, or hiring freezes.

When Grand River Solutions partners with your school, whether for a month or a year, you gain expert professional services, while minimizing both cost and risk. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Development of work-flow processes, templates, communications protocols, record-keeping protocols, and more.
  • Daily hands-on and/or virtual operations management of equity and Title IX offices, including intake and outreach processes and institutional response to reports of harassment and discrimination, including sexual and gender-based misconduct.
  • Review of current processes and procedures, and suggestions for improvement.
  • Our professionals bring programmatic and process expertise to help navigate evolving federal and local law and implement best practices. When you engage our team, you gain access to a network of professionals with decades of practical experience in Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, VAWA, the Clery Act.
  • We are also able to provide one-on-one support and mentorship. Read more about these services in our mentoring section.

We provide trained, experienced, neutral investigators to complete all aspects of the investigation process. Our investigative solutions include individual case investigations, report writing, and Investigations 360. Our investigators are experienced in workplace investigations, Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, VAWA, ADA, Section 504, workplace bullying, threat assessment, and more.

Benefits of engaging the Grand River Solutions investigative team:

  • Expertise. Our experts have extensive experience investigating allegations of harassment, discrimination, dating and domestic violence, stalking, and workplace violence.
  • Practical. Our investigators have a deep understanding of the inner workings of K-12 schools and districts, and higher education institutions. We are prepared to handle complex faculty cases, staff and workplace matters, and student-on-student bullying, harassment, and discrimination.
  • Diverse populations. Our investigators have expertise working with all populations.
  • Affordable, Practical, and Efficient. We work within each school’s policies, procedures, and timelines and ensure best practices are followed throughout the investigation process.

Investigations 360: Comprehensive Investigation Support

  • Our team of experienced and regularly trained investigators are available to fulfill all aspects of your investigations, from conducting interviews and gathering evidence, to facilitating evidence review, drafting the investigation report, and appearing at the hearing.
  • We also offer individual and on-going investigation services on an as needed basis.

Grand River Solution’s nationally recognized experts provide individualized support and mentorship to Title IX and equity professionals. The role of the Title IX Coordinator is constantly evolving, and our mentors can keep you abreast of best and promising practices.

Our experts provide guidance to professionals new to their role, ensuring a successful transition to their new position. We also provide support to existing coordinators looking to enhance their skills, or gain confidence.

Services include:

  • Assistance with training new staff.
  • Increase skills and confidence.
  • Guidance implementing evolving laws and best practices.
  • Ongoing skill-development and support.
  • Leadership development.

Grand River Solutions compares an institution’s policies, procedures, and practices with state and federal law and best practices. After identifying any gaps, we then develop a detailed list of recommendations and suggestions for implementation that are specifically designed for each campus.

Full Institutional Assessment

Our multi-day, assessment of current policies, procedures and protocols is designed to provide you with a comprehensive overview of your current state of compliance. Using questionnaires, interviews and on-site assessment, we determine how effectively your school is meeting current federal and state guidelines and requirements, including applicable components of the Violence Against Women Act. You receive a report outlining the issues, identifying compliance concerns, and explaining preliminary options for remedying problems.

Implementation Guidance

For each school, we undertake a detailed analysis and generate an actionable plan that charts your course forward. Working collaboratively, we help to develop a practical plan for improvement that also makes full use of existing campus and community resources, while respecting your culture and values.

Review of Procedures

We offer customizable options for reviewing any or all of the following:

  • organizational structure
  • processes
  • procedures
  • protocols
  • resources for responding to discrimination and harassment complaints

Our methodology engages all who have a responsibility in non-discrimination program processes as well as additional stakeholders. We do this in order to bring greater depth to our analysis and feedback, and to tailor our recommendations so that they work with and within the university’s institutional needs, character, culture, and resources.

The facilitators at Grand River Solutions are highly skilled at providing training that is tailored to each audience. Education and training can be the best way to ensure that your policies and procedures are fully understood and properly executed. We offer sessions from “K-12 and Title IX: What You Need to Know About the New Regulations” to “Hearings in the New Era: Are You Ready?” and everything in between. Our solutions are designed to fit your need, time, and budget—choose from our suite of flexible training options.

We offer training for students, staff and faculty, Title IX Coordinators, investigators, decision-makers, and hearing and appeals officers on topics ranging from:

  • Introduction to the Title IX Hearing
  • Decision-Makers: A Deep Dive into Serving in this Critical Role
  • Decision-Maker Writing Workshop
  • Hearing Advisor
  • From One Title IX Coordinator to Another: A Practical Approach to Navigating Beyond Compliance in the Post-Regulatory World
  • Introduction to Title IX and Equity Investigations
  • Advanced Title IX and Equity Investigations
  • Investigative Report Writing Workshop
  • May 2020 Final Title IX Regulatory Overview
  • After the Title IX Hearing: Appeals
  • Implicit Bias Awareness
  • Implicit Bias Mitigation
  • Conducting Critical Conversations

We work with each campus to create a customized training solution specific to your needs. Our materials, in compliance with the new federal Title IX regulations, will be made available to your institution at the completion of our trainings.

Choose from one of our existing live virtual trainings or contact us to discuss your personalized training needs.

Explore our Equity in Athletics Solutions:

  • Consulting and mentoring services to support experienced or new athletics compliance staff
  • Title IX equity in athletics analysis and recommendations
  • Training and consulting on understanding and reconciling the EADA, Title IX, Clery Act, and NCAA policies around equity and sex discrimination
  • Developing new, and reviewing existing, training for staff and student-athletes, consistent with federal and state equity laws

We work with each campus to create a customized service solution specific to your needs.

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