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Grand River Solutions specializes in providing Title IX, equity, student conduct, DEI, and Clery Act support services to campuses, communities, and workplaces. Our interdisciplinary subject-matter experts deliver transformative solutions along with cutting-edge technology to improve the future for your community.

We are committed to lowering the resource-intensive and monetary costs of compliance. Our solutions empower schools to become self-sufficient, leaving you with the tools, skills and confidence to manage your equity response and resolution processes without unnecessary expenses.

Since our inception, Grand River Solutions has specialized in delivering in-person and virtual support to campuses throughout the country. Discover how our recognized experts in compliance and equity laws implement practical solutions. Throughout the educational environment we deliver innovative, efficient, and comprehensive support to campuses across the country to achieve short- and long-term goals.


Grand River Solutions is committed to lowering the cost of compliance. Our services are tailored to your specific situation and requirements, and our support is customized to assist you in your efforts to build communities that are free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence.  

Our expertise has been honed through years of practical experience working with private and public schools of all sizes. We work collaboratively with P-12 schools, colleges, and universities across the country to provide innovative and affordable services. One campus at a time, we help to create lasting institutional, individual and community transformations.

The benefits of engaging Grand River Solutions:

  • Practical Experience. Our team members have served in various roles that include responsibility for Title VI, Title VII, Title IX, VAWA, the Clery Act, Section 504, and sexual harassment and violence.     
  • Collective Expertise. Our oncampus experience includes small liberal and performing arts schools, faithbased institutions, mid-sized public and private universities, large research universities, community colleges, and P-12 schools and districts. 
  • Impartiality.  Engaging an external entity allows for impartial responses, investigations, reviews, or recommendations.
  • Affordable Solutions. We are committed to providing accessible support by experts with practical experience. 


Three Ways to Work With Our Team of Experts

Grand River Solutions’ selection of innovative services is designed to provide you with flexible solutions for today and options that evolve with your future needs. 


Technology solutions that standardize workflows, save time, and reduce errors while increasing transparency, communication, and accountability.


Virtual support with trained specialists for assault, harassment, and discrimination response work.


Collaborative on-campus consultation on all Title IX, equity, and safety needs, training, interim staff augmentation, and more.

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