Title IX Hearing Training

You’ve conducted the investigation, gathered all of the evidence, asked all of the questions. Now, how do you put it all together in a report that is clear, comprehensive, and accurate?

This investigative report writing workshop is a hands-on comprehensive course that will enable participants to develop and refine skills related to writing investigation reports pursuant with federal law and in accordance with best practice.

During this two-part training, participants will learn the elements and structure of investigative reports and gain insights into effectively organizing evidence and writing thorough yet concise reports that demonstrate neutrality and are written to be easily understood by all relevant parties. Participants will gain insight into report writing mechanics, as well as hands-on experience in reviewing evidence from a mock hearing and creating a report under the guidance of an expert.

Overview of Topics:

This virtual event will be held via live webinar over the course of two days. The agenda includes:

  • An overview of the regulatory requirements for the investigative report;
  • The structure and elements of an investigative report and their purpose;
  • Organizing evidence and supporting documents including appendices;
  • Articulating and outlining procedural steps for report writing;
  • Writing for clarity, accuracy, and neutrality in a concise manner;
  • Creating reports that can serve as standalone documents to be understood by and used by participants in the process, including decision makers.

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