Title IX Investigator Training

“Oh! Our Title IX & Equity Policy! What a miserable spectacle of wretched paperwork! Why did we make a monster so hideous that even we turn from it in disgust?”

Mary Shelley, Title IX Coordinator, Boris Karloff University

Are you waiting for the New Regs to come save your community from a Frankenstein of a policy?


Why take that risky approach when, in reality, you should no longer live with that loathsome creature that was likely rushed or sewn together from fragments of your old policies. 

Behold our Grand River Solutions Model Policy, a comprehensive policy package that you can implement now to meet the existing 2020 regulations and, when the New Regs based on the proposed 2022 rules get finalized, you will automatically receive an updated model policy.

Your team will be surprised how easy it is to make the shift to an expert-driven, compliant model policy that is more transparent, user-friendly, and quite frankly, less scary for everyone involved.

If your current policy is in good shape, you can still plan ahead by scheduling a policy update now so you’ll be in the queue and ready to go shortly after the New Regs are released.


Choose from Three Model Policies

Each Model Policy Complies with Federal and State Laws and can be customized to reflect your unique institution with:

  • Institutional Branding
  • Preferred Institutional Language
  • Options for complaint resolution methods, where allowed by the regulations.


    Title IX Policy


    The Title IX Policy includes procedures that pertain to conduct prohibited under current Title IX regulations.


    Title IX & Sexual Misconduct Policy

    The Title IX and Sexual Misconduct Policy includes procedures that pertain to conduct prohibited under current Title IX regulations, AND, conduct related to sexual harassment, sexual assault, dating violence, domestic violence, and stalking that is not covered under the current Title IX regulations.

    Nondiscrimination & Anti-harassment Policy

    Non-Discrimination and Anti-Harassment Policy includes procedures that pertain to unlawful discrimination and harassment based on all protected classes, including sex and gender.




    You can update your policy to reflect 2020 regulations and then you will automatically receive an updated policy when 2022 proposed rules become finalized.

    For those communities who wish to create policies specifically for your institution:

    Collaborative Policy Review & Development

    Grand River Solutions will work with your team to review and assess your institution’s Title IX, Sexual Misconduct, or Non-Discrimination policies. You can choose to work with us in one of two ways:

    • Create or Update – Ask our team to review and assess your current policies and procedures and then develop new or updated, compliant policies and procedures with input from campus leaders and stakeholders; or

    • Offer Suggestions – Ask us to provide feedback and guidance on your existing policies and procedures and offer suggestions to ensure policies and procedures are compliant with state and federal law and follow best practices.



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    – Custom formatting
    – Implementation Training
    – Resource package, including:

      • Procedure specific informational letters
      • No Contact Directives
      • Formal Complaint
      • Notice of Allegations
      • Notice of Hearing
      • Process Flow Charts
      • Process Checklists

    Meet our Director of Consulting Services

    Andrea Stagg has extensive experience in higher education in-house legal settings at public and private colleges and universities. As Deputy General Counsel and Director of Government Relations & Compliance at Barnard College she oversaw all legal and compliance matters, including navigating the pandemic as chair of the College’s COVID-19 Vaccine Working Group. She has presented in-person and virtual training to thousands of higher education professionals, attorneys, and board members throughout career. Andrea has also published legal and compliance writing about sexual and interpersonal violence prevention and response, the Clery Act, NCAA compliance, and program integrity. 

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