Kevin Lineberger

Operations Specialist, Clery Solutions, Hearing Advisor

Kevin joined Grand River Solutions as a Solutions Specialist after graduating from Stetson University College of Law with a Concentration in Social Justice Advocacy. As a Solutions Specialist, Kevin conducts research regarding developments in state and federal law relating to Title IX and equity issues, assists with data review and analysis, and gathers resources that benefit Grand River’s clients. As a student, Kevin worked in the Center for Excellence in Higher Education Law and Policy, Directed by Professor Peter Lake, where he discovered a passion for issues pertaining to Title IX compliance and, more broadly, equal access to higher education on state and federal levels.

Kevin served as Research Editor for Stetson Law Review where he was distinguished as the Outstanding Editor in Spring 2020. He also served as Editor in Chief of Stetson’s Journal of Advocacy and the Law, overseeing the journal’s first publication of an issue devoted solely to veteran’s law. In his final semester, Kevin was chosen to be the Research Assistant for Stetson’s Diversity Initiative where he evaluated various school’s pipeline programming in terms of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

Prior to law school, Kevin worked in the food service industry while earning his bachelor of science in criminal justice from the University of North Georgia. Kevin is a resident of Saint Petersburg, Florida.