Chana McIntyre

Senior Client Solutions Specialist

Chana McIntyre is a Senior Client Solutions Specialist at Grand River Solutions. Chana has extensive experience building strategic partnerships, long-term client relationships, and tailored solutions to meet clients’ unique, individualized needs.

Prior to joining Grand River Solutions, Chana worked as a marketing consultant for companies across the United States where she developed clients’ brand strategy, marketing plans, and processes and efficiencies for growth. Chana previously held leadership roles in the beverage alcohol industry, including Vice President of Sales and Marketing for Saratoga Eagle Sales as well as Service and Sales Director for Empire Merchants North. In these roles, Chana honed her skills as a strategic leader, trainer, and partner to her clients.

In addition to her professional experience, Chana is actively involved in several nonprofits in the Capital Region of New York and serves on multiple boards and leadership committees for The Daughters of Sarah Foundation, Women’s Leadership Committee of the United Way, and the Athletic Haven, a non-profit she co-founded with her husband that provides free athletic programs for low-income families.

Chana lives in Albany, NY with her husband, two young sons, three stepchildren, and a dog named Shamrock. She started her college degree at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio and finished her Bachelor of Arts in Sociology at University of Colorado at Boulder.