Ashley Vigil

Senior Solutions Specialist

Ashley Vigil serves as a Senior Solutions Specialist with Grand River Solutions, Inc. Prior to joining Grand River Solutions, Ashley served for 14 years at Colorado State University’s Fort Collins campus. Ashley was integral in the creation of the office tasked with Title IX response at Colorado State University and spent a majority of her time as Lead Investigator. Her work as a Lead Investigator included developing and implementing internal processes, templates, and communications; intake and review of complaints of potential policy violations; conducting thousands of inquiries and investigations during her career; University-wide policy and process development and implementation; and providing data regarding campus response to include working closely on Clery compliance.

Ashley has extensive experience creating and delivering in-person and virtual training sessions for faculty, staff, students, and community members on topics of compliance, best practices, University response, and support services. Ashley’s previous experience focused on sexual misconduct and interpersonal violence investigations involving student respondents, although she has often investigated cases involving faculty and staff. Ashley has extensive training in trauma-informed best practices and is certified in the FETI technique of interviewing.

Ashley worked closely with campus and community stakeholders to include Athletics, Housing, Law Enforcement, and student support services. Through her work at Colorado State University, Ashley recognized the importance of collaborative relationships on and off campus, to meet the shared goals of response, support, and accountability, and continuously fostered these relationships with key constituents to best provide a safe and supportive campus community. Ashley brings her experience and skillset to the investigative work being completed at Grand River Solutions.

Ashley was born and raised in Northern Colorado, where she currently resides, and is raising her family.