Silence Is Not An Option

Silence Is Not An Option
June 8, 2020 admin

“If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Desmond Tutu

George Floyd. Breonna Taylor. Tony McDade. Ahmaud Arbery. Dana Martin. We say their names. We continue to be heartbroken and outraged by these senseless deaths, and by the deep pain and division across the country.

The murder of George Floyd was not a first. For hundreds of years black and brown people in the United States have been systematically disadvantaged and targets of violence. The fight for racial equality and justice endures today.

We understand that empathy and outrage in these times is not enough. To that end, we are donating to organizations that promote social justice, but also listening to, and learning from, the painful conversations we need to have.

Our mission is unwavering. Grand River Solutions is dedicated to supporting schools in their endeavors to build communities that are free from discrimination, sexual harassment, and sexual violence. We will continue to do our part, and we hope you will, too.


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