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DEI Training


Grand River Solutions utilizes evidence-based research and proven learning models in the training development process, providing engaging educational experiences that recognize diverse learning styles and various experience levels. 

Interrupt Bias

Increased Innovation, Stronger Engagement, Improved Performance

We all have learned bias. And it’s also part of our lizard brains to fear things that are different. That might work for prehistoric animals, but when you are trying to foster collaboration, innovation, and creativity, evolving to a team of emotionally intelligent creatures is the way to go.

Practice Cultural Humility

Healthier Relationships, Builds a Sense of Belonging

Most of us have never walked on the moon. We can only imagine it or perhaps read about it, look at pictures or watch a movie. With that level of expertise, try explaining the feeling of weightlessness to an astronaut. Perhaps it’s just best to listen and learn when it comes to things that are out of our space.

Level the Playing Field

Greater Fairness, Expanded Recruitment

We all like a good idiom, but when you think about it, leveling an actual playing field sounds impossible, unless you own massive construction equipment. Luckily, equity doesn’t require a backhoe, it just asks for the understanding that everyone doesn’t start with the building blocks or even a shovel for that matter.

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