Campus Climate Survey

Grand River Solutions helps communities find the meaning in data through our Sexual Misconduct and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) climate surveys. Our campus climate surveys for both students and employees are aimed at lowering barriers to access, completion, and implementation. The surveys utilize leading statistical tools and data analysis techniques to improve completion rates, assess institutional challenges, and help communities build on existing strengths. Let’s drive change together. 

The federal government is following the lead of multiple states in implementing a sexual misconduct climate survey requirement across all colleges and universities that receive federal funding. In early anticipation of this requirement, Grand River Solutions assembled a multidisciplinary team of experts with real-world experience in developing and implementing surveys, analyzing data, and communicating the results. As the U.S. Department of Education begins the process of developing a federal survey tool for sexual misconduct, we can meet your immediate needs now. 

Frequently Asked Questions

“I have a state survey requirement. Can you help?”

Yes! Our surveys are designed to meet state-specific requirements. Whether you are in a state that requires each college and university to conduct a survey, or you simply want to make sure that you are understanding your community in order to enact meaningful changes— we can help. 

“It’s been years since our last climate survey. Where do we start?”

We can help your institution implement a survey to measure baseline data and provide practical insights and recommendations so you can start now by making changes to policy, process, and practice. 

“What climate surveys do you offer?”

We currently offer four targeted climate surveys: Sexual Misconduct for Students, Sexual Misconduct for Faculty and Staff, Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Students, and Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion for Faculty and Staff. 

“Do you offer the survey in other languages?”

Yes, we also offer the survey in Spanish.

“Do campus climate surveys need to be approved by the IRB? 

Our surveys have undergone review and have been approved by Ethical & Independent Review Services, an independent IRB. If your institution’s IRB requires an additional application for approval, then we can assist in preparing those documents.

“It says you will provide promotional materials, but I don’t really have any experience marketing surveys.”

In addition to the promotional materials, we will include practical tips, tricks, and resources for marketing surveys, generating awareness, and increasing survey response rates on your campus. 



Our innovative surveys are designed to assess areas of improvement specific to your campus, generate actionable insights, and help institutions build on their existing strengths. We are committed to ensuring our surveys are reliable, accessible, and lead to practical recommendations specific to your community. The survey questions ask about sexual misconduct and include topics of sexual assault, stalking, harassment, and intimate partner violence as well as policy knowledge


What’s Measured?

  • Prevalence
  • Reporting
  • Knowledge of Campus Policies and Resources
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Campus Climate
  • Bystander Intervention (student survey)
  • Student Disclosures (employee survey)



We are committed to ensuring our surveys are reliable, accessible, and lead to practical recommendations specific to your community. Our innovative surveys are designed to assess areas of improvement, generate actionable insights, and help institutions build on strengths. We can help your community cultivate long-term, systemic change by utilizing our data-driven survey strategy. Survey topics include campus culture and connectedness, prevalence of discrimination, reporting procedures, and knowledge of policies and resources. 


What’s Measured?

  • Campus Culture
  • Prevalence of Discrimination
  • Reporting
  • Sense of Belonging
  • Knowledge of Policies and Resources

What’s Included? 

The following items are included with the purchase of one survey. Further customizations and services are available for an additional cost. 

Survey Instrument and Administration

One survey for either students and/ or employees on sexual misconduct or DEI. 

Promotional Materials

Digital and printable materials for campuses to use to promote the survey, generate awareness, and drive interest. 


A clear and concise report with practical recommendations to help institutional leaders understand where to take action. 

Raw Data

A CSV file and/or dashboard with all response data, de-identified to preserve participant confidentiality. 

Briefing Session

A presentation of the survey findings and live Question and Answer session. 

Community Connect Membership

A complimentary one-year membership to the Campus Climate Community.

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The Grand River Community Connect is a virtual community space in which professionals can come together to learn, engage, and grow. The Campus Climate Community is the first online network solely dedicated to using data to impact campus climate. 

What is Grand River Community Connect? 


The Community Connect is a national network for equity professionals to connect, learn, and share knowledge, ideas, and best practices. Community members will be able to engage with each other via targeted sub-groups dedicated to specific topic areas. The Campus Climate Community has content tailored to professionals working in campus climate research, administration, response, prevention, and intervention.  

What can Campus Climate Community group members expect? 


Trainings, resources, discussion forums, blog posts, and ongoing guidance on how to effectively implement climate surveys and use survey findings to inform meaningful change. Like other social networking sites, group members will be able to create a profile, post ideas, ask questions, access videos and resources, and network with colleagues. 

How will the Campus Climate Community help prepare institutions for implementing and analyzing surveys? 


  • Establish baselines for understanding your institution’s climate
  • Utilize research-informed language 
  • Plan survey implementation  
  • Generate awareness about the survey and encourage campus participation 
  • Analyze data and develop an action plan 
  • Identify community strengths  
  • Implement data-driven changes  
  • Prepare the community for participation in the national survey developed by the Department of Education 

Want to Get Involved in the Community? 

We want to build a lively community, and we need your help. Join us throughout 2022 at our introductory rate. Because we know that it takes a campus to implement meaningful change, we want to make our community widely available to the appropriate offices at your institution. Every member institution will receive ten seats in the community. These seats can be shared with colleagues across campus including in Title IX; Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion; Student Affairs; Prevention and Health Programming; Human Resources; the general counsel’s office; and beyond. 

About the Team 

Expertise in evidence-informed principles and best practices for collecting data to drive change 

The team behind the Grand River Solutions Climate Surveys and Climate Community has led public policy development around climate surveys and has a deep background in developing, implementing, and analyzing campus climate surveys. Members of the team successfully led the development, implementation, and analysis of the nation’s second largest climate survey. Our expertise includes developing survey questions and custom survey tools; successfully implementing surveys for hundreds of thousands of participants; interpreting data; developing systems to clearly communicate results (and what they mean); tying complex data results to actionable change; and briefing leadership, staff, students, and external stakeholders on key survey results. We bring that knowledge, experience, and commitment to ethical practice to the Grand River Solutions innovation team. 


As proud members of the American Association of Public Opinion Research, we subscribe to the AAPOR Code of Ethics in order to handle every question and data point with the utmost commitment to ethical treatment. This includes limiting access to certain data; taking internal and external steps to secure data and maintain privacy; and limiting questions to those that can lead to meaningful change at institutions. Our surveys are powered by Qualtrics, the leading survey provider, and supported by our team’s clear data management and privacy protocols. 


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Need an Info Guide to Show Your Department?


Do You Have Questions or Want to Begin the Purchasing Process? 

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