Clery Act Services

Our solutions streamline the Clery process and our methodology encourages lasting change by engaging all campus-wide stakeholders.

Solutions For All Your Clery Act Needs

Clery Consulting

Clery Consulting

All your Clery Act compliance services in one complete package. On-demand consulting or delegate all of your Clery Act needs to our experts.

Clery Act Training

Clery Act Training

Our live virtual or in-person training can benefit professionals ranging from brand-new beginners to seasoned Clery compliance professionals.

ASR Services

ASR Services

We deliver the expertise and support to supplement an institution’s internal ASR review process and development leading up to publication and distribution.

Clery Act Consulting Services

Clery Act Consulting Services

Customize Your Clery Compliance Needs

Outsource all of your Clery Act needs or leverage our expertise with on-demand consulting.

Our experts are available to answer questions about case-specific incidents, geography, timely warnings, and emergency notifications. We are available whether it’s a one-time question, ongoing support, or your institution needs a review of practices or a development of new processes. Each solution is customized according to institutional needs while following Clery Act guidelines and best practices.

A full service package includes: Annual CSA Training & Tracking; Law Enforcement Letters; Data Reconciliation; Annual Security Report; On-demand Consulting

Annual Security Report (ASR) Services

ASR Consultations

ASR Consultations

Our experts supplement your internal Annual Security Report process by identifying strengths and opportunities for growth in a complete review of your ASR. We provide in-depth reviews of all the required components of an ASR (as required under the Jeanne Clery Disclosure of Campus Security Police and Campus Crime Statistics Act), as well as applicable state laws and your existing processes.

ASR Software

ASR Software

We deploy cloud-based software designed to bring multi-disciplinary Clery team compliance members together in one centralized, workspace to streamline your ASR development and review process with more collaboration, efficiency, accuracy, and accountability. Our team provides product support for your use of the software, including initial set-up, orientation/training, and troubleshooting.

ASR Software and Process Development

ASR Software and Process Development

We deliver the expertise and support to supplement an institution’s internal Annual Security Report (ASR) review process and development leading up to publication and distribution. We help manage the internal review of the ASR narrative and data by deploying a cloud-based software platform, and managing the information and workflow within the software application for our clients.

We help identify strengths and areas for improvement in your existing process, including the identification of key stakeholders who should form your multi-disciplinary team, how to create better efficiencies and robustness through the use of technology and work flow processes, and recommendations to help close knowledge gaps that may exist in Clery reporting and compliance.

As you free up resources by the elimination of cumbersome manual tasks, more focus can be applied to analyzing the available data for insights that will help accelerate achievement of larger objectives, such as enhancing campus safety programs–including sexual violence, sexual harassment and discrimination prevention.

Features and Benefits of ASR Software

Institutions are discovering the value of our customized Wdesk system as a tool for their Clery Act requirements. By combining Clery expertise with this leading-edge technology, our clients are assured that they are receiving a top-line, comprehensive solution to their federal requirements. Clients can be confident that their compliance needs are being met through technology that helps to reinforce the goals and spirit of the Clery Act


Security is paramount, with redundancies and an encrypted system, at rest and in transmission.

  • Robust security capabilities, which can include dual-factor authentication login requirements, ensure confidentiality, and data security.
  • Simple administration that doesn’t require IT integration.
  • Redundant and encrypted data transmission to and from the cloud

Accountability & Approvals

Simplified accountability of process to identify policies, key decision points, and upload of supporting documents from any type of digital format.

  • Easy to use internal individual and personalized group communications.
  • Digital certification process for final approval from all critical decision makers.
  • Dashboard to view ASR progress development and increase project management accountability.

Permissions & Version Control

Individual permissions allow for different levels of control and access for each user involved in the ASR process.

  • Version control of each discrete section of the document, as well as data tables and supporting documents.
  • Archived and directly accessible time-stamped history of all document edits and review comments.

Single Point Data Integration

Single-source, permissions-controlled data cells significantly reduce time and errors when making changes across an entire document.

  • Controlled, single “source of truth” increases confidence in your data integrity.
  • Easy set-up and maintenance of links between the single source of data and the various places where the data appears in the report.
  • Automated roll-forward of data facilitates the creation of the following year’s report

Efficiency and Accuracy

Real-time editing and collaboration with comment inserts, black/redline review, customized alerts and requests.

  • Eliminates email chains and tedious searches for information that wastes time and resources.
  • Reduces risks from manual entry errors, revision mix-ups, and redundant entries.
  • Document-wide search capability.

Clery-Specific Technology

Software designed to work efficiently and accurately for your use case.

  • Checklist tracking ASR content creation to ensure the completed report contains the elements identified by best practices.
  • Built-in template conforming to requirements as outlined in the rescinded Clery Handbook and to best practices.

ADA Compliance

Creation of an ADA WCAG 2.1 compliant output for final ASR distribution in either PDF, HTML or print.

  • Aligned with the proposed SECuRE Act
  • Provides equitable access to victims of crime with disabilities.

Ongoing Support

Customer success facilitation to ensure full understanding and benefits derived from product features

  • Technical support 24 hours a day, seven days a week.
  • Access to Clery Act expertise resident in Grand River Solutions’ employees and network of partners.

We look forward to learning more about your goals and discussing our services with you further.